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Fraud Alerts

fraud alerts

AUGUST 24, 2016

The National Credit Union Administration is warning CUs about a phishing scam that targets consumers with communications that claim to come directly from the regulator. According to a release from NCUA, some consumers have been receiving text message that say "National Credit Union Administration Alert for (recipient's phone number). Contact 844-234-5445."

NCUA wants credit unions and their members to know that the communication is fake and that the agency does not solicit personal information via the phone or Internet. If consumers receive this message or others they believe to be fraudulent, they are advised to contact NCUA's Consumer Assistance Center at (800) 755-1030 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. ET, along with contacting local law enforcement and the credit union where the consumer has accounts.

Friendly Reminder: People's Trust will never contact you (whether it be by phone, email or online) and ask for confidential information. If you aren't sure about the authenticity of any e-mail, text message, or fax, do not follow any directions given in the message, do not click any link, or respond in any other way.

Fraudsters take advantage of innocent consumers daily through checks, ATMs, and Internet scams, and they’re using the latest technology to pull off their scams. During the holiday season before you make any type of purchase, click or tab to buy that “must have” item on your holiday list, check out the different types of fraud that’s occurring right now:

  • Holiday delivery package theft
  • Holiday job recruitment theft
  • Holiday charity scams
  • Card reissue scams (we do not ask for your card information, just verification information)
  • Financial Technology Support scams 
  • Holiday gift purchase scams 
  • Travel ID Theft
  • Holiday Coupon scams 
  • Gift card scams 
  • Phishing scams 
  • Skimmers

  November 25, 2014

  Please note that People’s Trust has become aware of a recent phishing scam where members have received automated phone calls claiming that their debit card or credit card has been compromised. The automated voice on the phone then requests that the member enter their debit or credit card number for authentication. If you get a similar call, please do not enter any of your personal information as it is fraud. If People's Trust were to call about possible fraud on your card, it would be from a real person. Please be especially careful during the holidays as fraud picks up this time of year.

  September 8, 2014

  On Monday, September 8, 2014, Home Depot confirmed that its payment systems have been hacked in a data breach that could affect millions of shoppers who used credit and debit cards at its more than 2,000 U.S. and Canadian stores. People's Trust participates in a robust fraud monitoring program and we currently have a heightened security protocol in place. We are monitoring the situation and will notify you of any changes which require your attention. In the interim, please carefully review transactions on any accounts linked to your cards and notify us immediately if you observe any fraudulent activity. If you observe any fraudulent activity on your account, please contact us at 713.428.3200, or visit one of our branch locations.